Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ramadhan Kareem

it's Ramadhan again. Alhamdulillah as Allah grant us with this holy month again this year in
2015. Alhamdulillah walhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. who knows this would be our last ramadhan ever? who knows what future hold right?

as this year i started to fast far away from home (a.k.a UKM) so it is kind of different than all those years before. 

i have never set any goals for my ramadhan. nor did i do my very best to make sure my ramadhan didnt go just like the other usual months of the year. 

this year, in 2015, i've set goals. and i would like myself to struggle as hard as possible so that i can achieve my goals successfully. all those ramadhan ive been into didnt have any specialty. they're just kind of empty i guess. i went into and out of it being the same me. never did i change even a little. 

so this time around, i would like to do better, a better ramadhan filled with ibadah, filled with love and many more. in return, i hope that i will be a better version of me that i used to be before. 

may this ramadhan be your first step towards the better of you. it's a holy month full of love and mercy from Allah. May Allah grant our wishes, may He hold our heart stronger, may He take us closer to Him. 

Ramadhan Kareem, everyone. if you ever read this. 


much love,

Monday, 27 October 2014


he brought me somewhere that we've never been before for dinner today just for me to have my most favourite meal. 

the food was great to be honest, but the most important thing is the way he smiled when i said that the food was tasty. the smile of satisfaction, the smile that appeared as a consequence of making me happy. 

well, happy tummy happy me! hehe. 

thanks booboo. you know you're always the best. i love you. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hello, October!

it has been a very long time since the last time i blog anything that happened around me. October already arrived. and i still have a month to go before i turn 22. how fast time flies right? everything seems so new to me. 

guess what? i'm not working in SBU no more. right now, i am a student of UKM. still doing my beloved course, Physics. so far, everything went so well that i cannot to not keep falling in love with this new school of mine. the lecturers, the classmates, the seniors and everyone! they're so welcoming and nice. 

not to mention that every modules that i take over here has been taken few years back in UK, surely they're kind of easy for me to understand, yet i have to still be hardworking as to gain grade marks. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity, i am so grateful to be accepted in here after so many obstacle i have to face just to continue my study. i hope i will do the very best of me and make my family proud once again. 

do pray for me, ok? i wish all of you too will have a good life ahead. 🌸🌸🌸

    classmates and i 😊

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


dear awak,

dulu aku selalu rasa macam anak ni bakal menyusahkan hidup aku, menjauhkan laki aku and macam macam lah. but then yesterday, aku belajar satu benda from klarissa, kak isma's daughter. we had a chat, a very long chat i can say. she is only 7 y/o. a very brilliant child. 

aku tak kisah sangat dengan apa yang dia cerita, tapi yang paling aku ingat pasal dia mendoakan parents dia bila parents dia busy outstation. her mom, kak isma, is a businesswoman. a cool one i can say. so her mom selalu la pergi overseas and tinggalkan dia with her wan and aki. the interesting part is, dia kata 

" klarissa selalu doakan mummy and daddy kalau mummy ke daddy ke takde dekat rumah. wan yang ajarkan. klarissa selalu doakan kalau lepas klarissa solat ke. klarissa selalu solat. "

aku touched. aku rasa macam kena lempang. well, kau boleh gain knowledge, even from anak kecil yang baru mumayyiz, yang still innocent and tak pentingkan diri sendiri. betullah, anak tu harta yang akan mendoakan kesejahteraan kita bila kita tiada. pentingnya kita untuk jadi ibu bapa yang berjaya mencorak anak dengan baik. juga, pentingnya kita sebagai anak untuk sentiasa mengingati ibu bapa kita dan mendoakan mereka walau siapa diri kita sekarang, walau tinggi mana kita belajar, walau jauh mana mereka berada, kita wajib mendoakan kesejahteraan mereka. siapalah kita tanpa ibu bapa kita. 

last but not least, go and say 'i love you guys mak abah'! semoga panjang umur kita panjang umur mereka. amiin. 


Saturday, 5 April 2014

dear you,


ini blog kedua lepas yang dahulu kala punya tu. well. aku rasa sejak ada ipad ni senang sikit kerja aku nak menulis. tak payah guna lappy macam dulu.

and aku rasa sebab aku dah decide nak start everything all over again, so, this is it.

banyak nak cerita, tapi nanti aku mula. bye then.